[ON AIR] playlist

Thank you everyone for tuning in this week! As you can tell from the playlist, my choices were all Korean songs due to upcoming events – Korean Culture Night at UC Irvine’s Barclay Theatre and Korean Music Festival at Hollywood Bowl. I hope you enjoyed the wide range of songs this week~ Also, congratulations to the winners of the give-away tickets! I wish I had more to give… T-T

Here’s the playlist for this week:
1. SNSD – Run Devil Run – Don’t Cry
2. G.O.D. – Love & Memory
3. MC The Max – So Many Times – Rewind & Remind
4. Block B – Nanrina – Welcome to the Block
5. Brown Eyed Girls – I’ll Do Well – Sound G.
6. Mi – I Can’t – Secret Garden OST
7. EXO-K – History – History
8. Oh Won Bin – I Love You & I Love You ft. Miryo – I Love you & I Love You
9. Lena Park – More Than Anyone in the World – Spy Myung Wol OST
10. Han Ji Eun – Love is Loading ft. C-Boi – Mini Album 1 2 3 4
11. MBLAQ – Mona Lisa – Mona Lisa
12. Bobby Kim – To Be Able To Love ft. Gil Hak Mi

For more information about Korean Culture Night, continue reading below!! 🙂

The goal of KCN at UC Irvine is to promote collaboration and solidarity within the Korean community and spread awareness about and celebrate the Korean culture. UCI’s KCN combines Korean traditional and modern culture and performing arts to make a three‐hour live play that touches upon social/political/cultural/historical issues that affect or affected the Korean/American and/or Asian Pacific Islander/American community.

Our main character is an immature and irresponsible teenager named Gilson who cannot let go of his past. He had spent his childhood in a noble household with his sister Gami when his family’s home was burned down and his sister lost her sight. They spent the remainder of their adolescence in a monastery and, whereas Gilson feels robbed of his former life, Gami is the complete opposite of him—positive, serene, and grateful for their situation. The story begins when Gilson decides to leave the monastery to achieve a better life, but does not have much of a plan or direction. Along the way he meets other travelers, one of them named Hye Jin, a thief who is not good at stealing, a female scholar, and a cowardly soldier. The play then follows their adventures as they journey to become adults.


HANSORI (poongmul drumming group)


Tickets will be sold for $8 on Ring Road during week 1, 2, and 3 of Spring Quarter! Last day to buy tickets on Ring Road will be Thursday, April 19th! Tickets will be sold at the box office for $10 on the day of the performance! You may also choose to purchase tickets online through the Irvine Barclay Theatre website!

If you have any questions, please direct them to kcn.uci@gmail.com!!

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