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One glass of alcohol, one draw of nicotine…a sleepless night will follow

Seoul, Korea — As the beginning of a new year, many adults’ resolutions are drinking in moderation and quitting smoking.

Normally, when asked about the food that stops sleep, most people will answer coffee. Caffeine inhibits sleep but there are other substances that people don’t know about, and those are alcohol and nicotine.

The alcohol in alcoholic drinks lessens uneasiness and induces sleep by calming down people. However that is only for the first and second drink. The amount of alcohol in one or two glasses of drinks is small but if you take in more than that, then the balance of sleep and awakening in broken.

One should avoid excessive drinking because large amount of alcohol intake is not only bad for the body but is also bad for one’s sleep pattern.

Also, not only alcohol but nicotine in the smoke of cigarettes has awakening properties so if you have a hard time sleeping, you have to be careful.

Contrary to this, there are substances that induce deep and calm sleep. Most of them have serotonin or melatonin.

If our bodies produce little serotonin, it could lead to depression and increase impulsiveness, even to the point of suicidal thoughts. If a person can’t sleep because of stress, depression, or anxiety, he or she should eat or drink foods that speed up serotonin secretion and lessen anxiety and help one sleep, such as warm milk, bananas, potatoes, almonds, etc.

Also melatonin, which controls sleep and biological rhythm, secretion increases at night and induces sleep, and during the daytime, decreases, sustaining the state of awakening. Oats, rice, ginger, tomato, etc that contain high concentrations of melatonin and beans, nuts, milk, bean curd, etc which speed up melatonin secretion are helpful when one can’t sleep.

Source: Korea


How To Manage Dry Skin During Winter

Seoul, Korea – The temperature difference between indoors and outdoors becomes greater during winter and the air gradually gets drier. Thus, the surface of the skin tends to loose moisture to the surroundings.

When the skin looses moisture, it gets dry, causing itchiness, and the skin gets thinner and loses its regeneration capabilities. Thus, to maintain young, beautiful skin, it is important to manage it properly in the winter time.

The most important factor is to exercise daily to maintain constant blood flow in the body. But exercising outdoors in cold weather may increase the blood pressure and induce musculoskeletal damage. Therefore, it is important to find ways to exercise indoors. The easiest exercise is moving your hands and feet constantly while watching TV. Hands and feet are the best driving force for blood circulation. Other exercises, such as repeatedly sitting down and standing up are also helpful, whereas exercises that use the whole body, such as using a hula-hoop, do not assist significantly in blood circulation.

Another helpful thing to do is massage. The massaging motion itself greatly aids in blood circulation. Also, massaging such herb oils as almond, avocado, or olive oil into the skin not only assists the physical massage but also has a moisturizing effect on the skin cells. To maximize the effect of oil, it is best to first smoothly apply the oil while pressing with your fingers. Then expose the skin to the air for 30 minutes and finally take a quick shower. When your face is dry, mix one teaspoon of rosewater and two teaspoons of honey and apply it to your face and wash it off with warm water a few minutes later. If the dryness is severe, using mayonnaise is recommended.

Another method a woman can use when her face is too dry is to cut an apple in two and rub the pulp on her face. The moisturizing effect is best when it is rubbed on with slight pressure. During winter, it is preferable to use mineral water instead of tap water, and it is also best to use little or no soap at all. Soap tends to have excessively strong detergency compared to cosmetic cleansing products. It may remove more sebum than necessary and may accelerate skin damage by changing the pH of the dry skin to alkaline, so it is best not to use soap.

Source: Korea