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Stanford Magazine Writes About the Korean Netizens Persecution of Tablo

The Persecution of Daniel Lee
An Internet smear campaign nearly destroyed the South Korean star, but he fought back with the only weapon he had: the truth.
By Joshua Davis

On August 19, 2010, Dan Lee stood on the steps of Meyer Library and pointed to a nearby patch of grass.

“The Rodin statue,” he said nervously. “It was here.”

The Korean television crew following him noted that there was nothing there, just a well-mowed lawn. Students on bikes zipped past, paying no attention to the cameras or the skinny, dark-haired 30-year-old they were filming. In Seoul, it was hard for Lee to walk down the street without being mobbed. To Koreans, he was known as Tablo, a chart-topping rapper who was also married to one of the country’s most prominent movie stars. Until recently, he had been one of Korea’s biggest celebrities. Now his career was in tatters, he’d parted ways with his record label, and his family was receiving death threats.

The reason? Hundreds of thousands of Koreans refused to believe that Lee, ’02, MA ’02, graduated from Stanford. Continue reading


Eom Ki-joon in danger of being cut from Scent of a Woman

Please note: This article was written by Girlfriday of Dramabeans.

Noooooooooo! Bad, bad news. There’s an update on Eom Ki-joon‘s car accident, and it looks like his recent DUI does in fact put him in danger of being cut from his current SBS weekend drama Scent of a Woman, starring Kim Sun-ah and Lee Dong-wook. BUT! He’s my favorite character in that dramaaaaaaaaa! Continue reading

Lee Sung Jin, Kim Yong Jun & others banned from MBC and KBS

Recently, singer Lee Sung Jin, SG Wannabe’s Kim Yong Jun, and actor Yeo Wook Hwan was added to the list of celebrities barred from entering the MBC building, bringing the total list of celebrities to 32.

Representatives of MBC held a meeting where they eventually came to a consensus on denying access to the three celebrities for the societal disturbance they caused with their respective crimes. Lee Sung Jin was charged with fraud and gambling, while Yeo Wook Hwan was charged with drunk driving hit and run, and Kim Yong Jun with a hit and run. Continue reading

2NE1tv LIVE: WORLDWIDE to stream LIVE on YouTube

Good news for Blackjacks! The World Premiere of 2NE1tv LIVE: WORLDWIDE will not only air via Mnet US, but also stream Live through YouTube! Continue reading

American film producer Terence Chang impressed with Lee Min Ho’s acting

Is actor Lee Min Ho set to be the next Korean star to break through into Hollywood?

According to Starhaus Entertainment on July 14th, famous Hollywood producer Terence Chang visited the set of SBS’s “City Hunter” to observe Lee Min Ho and his acting potential. It was reported that Lee Min Ho also received the chance to personally greet and talk with Chang during his break. Continue reading

Kim So-eun joins A Thousand Kisses

Please note: This article was written by Javabeans of Dramabeans.

MBC’s new weekend drama A Thousand Kisses has added a couple more actors to its lineup, which is great for those of us who’ve been wanting to see more of rising actress Kim So-eun (Fine Windy Day, Boys Before Flowers).

The drama about a divorced woman’s rebound and success story has already cast Seo Young-hee (Bedevilled), Ji Hyun-woo (Birth of the Rich), and Ryu Jin (Baby-Faced Beauty) in lead roles. Continue reading

‘Running Man’ staff gets surprised by enthusiastic reception in Thailand

The cast and crew of SBS’s  ’Running Man‘ were pleasantly surprised by the reception they received when they visited Thailand to shoot the 1-year anniversary episode of the popular urban variety show.

Although the visit was shrouded in secret as usual, the Thai fans had figured it out in advance thanks to local drivers who helped move equipment beforehand.

Although the ‘Running Man’ PDs had expected most fans to cheer on 2PM’s Nichkhun (the weekly guest along with actress Kim Min Jung), they were surprised by the amount of fans who hollered for the other ‘Running Man’ members. Continue reading