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What’s the secret to making a hit track these days?

What do all high-ranking songs have in common these days?

According to a recent episode of MBC’s ‘This Morning‘, short opening instrumentals provide a quick entry to the song; this principle has been dubbed as the “30 second rule”.

Examples include 2PM’s “Hands Up“, f(x)’s “Hot Summer“, SECRET’s ”Starlight Moonlight,” and CSJH’s Dana and Sunday’s “One More Chance“. Continue reading


M&D on their music, breaking the idol image, and future goals

Since forming their own project group, M&D, Super Junior’s Heechul and The Trax’s Jungmo sat down for their first interview as a duo with Sports World at a restaurant in Chungdam-dong.

Heechul was determined to “reveal everything inside of him” through the interview to emphasize the difference between M&D’s Heechul and Super Junior’s Heechul, but Jungmo replied that that didn’t apply to him.  The two are already known for their deep friendship, as Heechul is described to be the movement while Jungmo is the tool that holds his center.  Even representatives revealed that they’re at ease when they know Heechul is with Jungmo.

Plus and minus, hot and cold, although they’re of contrasting personalities, they manage to balance together as one, which definitely has fans anticipating their future music releases.

Check out the interview below!

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2PM opens up about being envious of SM Town’s European Tour, being avid fans of “I Am a Singer”, and Jay Park

During a recent press conference, 2PM expressed their honest thoughts about SM’s European tour, “I Am A Singer“, and Park Jae Bum.

In regards to SM’s European concert, 2PM stated “Because SM went to Europe, K-POP has been able to advance and move out of just the Asian regions. It’s very exciting to know that they crossed over Asia and had such a successful concert“.

Furthermore, they said “When we heard the news about SM’s concert in Europe we were envious and thought that it was amazing at the same time. We, of course, want to be able to move on from Asia into Europe and even South America“. Continue reading

Lady Jane releases comeback single, “Love Treatment”

On June 22nd, indie singer Lady Jane released her new digital single, “Love Treatment“!

“Love Treatment” was composed, written, and arranged by Humming Urban Stereo’s Lee Jirin. They first met in 2006, as Lady Jane featured in Humming Urban Stereo’s second album as a guest vocalist. Continue reading

Kim Hyun Joong to release ‘Break Down’ limited edition album!

It’s just been revealed that SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong will be releasing a limited edition version of his debut solo album, “Break Down“!

KeyEast Entertainment stated, “We are releasing a limited edition album as a gesture of thanks for those fans who’ve sent lots of love for Kim Hyun Joong’s first mini-album. The limited edition contains a variety of content, including a ‘making-of’ clip as well as personal stories from Kim Hyun Joong himself.” Continue reading

Kim Hyun Joong’s “Break Down” is a hot seller

Kim Hyun Joong’s first mini album “Break Down” has achieved sales of 100,000 albums just two weeks after its full release.

The “Kim Hyun Joong syndrome” is in full force at the moment. In a recent official album showcase at Seoul Junggu Janchung Gymnasium, 4,000 fans came to flare his full-fledged solo activities, while his title song “Break Down” quickly became a sensation on the music programs. Continue reading

MBC Morning News reports about Hallyu Wave spreading to London

K-pop fans all over Europe gathered in London to see SHINee at Abbey Road, the famous location in which The Beatles’ 11th album was named after. As the group appeared for their special performance, around 800 fans greeted SHINee with handmade posters, as well as singing their hit songs in unison along with a lot of screaming. Report says that some fans waited outside for up to 8 hours just to see the boys. Continue reading