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Rainie Yang To Reveal New Album

Rainie Yang has grown from tomboy to elegant and feminine. For her coming new album, she’ll be “exposing” more but in a graceful way. In the past, she’s always wearing outfit that hid her legs but this time, she said there’s more ‘showing off the legs and shoulders’. Continue reading

Netizens criticize Will Pan as opening performer at Golden Melody

The Golden Melody Awards announced that the Saturday ceremony will contain nine performances each lasting 6 to 8 minutes, creating a record for the number of special performances on the show. Many are already worried that the show will also become the longest GMA show ever as well. GMA expressed that none of the performances can be cut since they must not only take care of the Mandarin speaking audience, but also Taiwanese (dialect), Hakka and Aboriginals. GMA further explained that hosts’ dialogues will be short and concise, and they hope to finish the ceremony by 11:30pm. Continue reading