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2NE1tv LIVE: WORLDWIDE to stream LIVE on YouTube

Good news for Blackjacks! The World Premiere of 2NE1tv LIVE: WORLDWIDE will not only air via Mnet US, but also stream Live through YouTube! Continue reading


‘Running Man’ staff gets surprised by enthusiastic reception in Thailand

The cast and crew of SBS’s  ’Running Man‘ were pleasantly surprised by the reception they received when they visited Thailand to shoot the 1-year anniversary episode of the popular urban variety show.

Although the visit was shrouded in secret as usual, the Thai fans had figured it out in advance thanks to local drivers who helped move equipment beforehand.

Although the ‘Running Man’ PDs had expected most fans to cheer on 2PM’s Nichkhun (the weekly guest along with actress Kim Min Jung), they were surprised by the amount of fans who hollered for the other ‘Running Man’ members. Continue reading

JYJ’s Yoochun reflects back on his grandma during recording for documentary

Though he’s still working on his MBC drama “Miss Ripley“, JYJ’s Yoochun has taken on the challenge to narrate a documentary.

On June 16th, Park Yoochun participated in the narration recording for the MBC special, “The Hometown Where I Lived” in the MBC dubbing room in Yeoido, Seoul. According to the production crew, “His harmony and pronunciation does not suffer by comparison to other stars who have done narrations.Continue reading

Welcome To the Show features idol lineup

Please note: This article was written by Javabeans of Dramabeans.

More idols, and more shows featuring idols: A happy trend, or not?

There’s probably no easy answer to that, but we’ll be getting another example of the kind with a new SBS sitcom, Welcome To the Show (working title), which has three pop idols in leading roles: 2PM’s Nickhun (pictured above), f(x)’s Sulli, and 2AM’s Im Seul-ong, the latter of whom we saw in last year’s Personal Taste.

It sounds like an interesting idea, although how well it works is all in the execution; sitcoms tend to be much more about the actors and their charm, not the stories. Welcome To the Show is planning — as of its pilot, at least — to take on a one-act format, which means that each episode will be a self-contained story. Furthermore, it’ll somehow mix sitcom format with music program Inki Gayo, which…I have no idea how that’ll play out.

According to a production rep, the show began filming its first episode on February 13, although they are unsure as of yet whether the sitcom will take on a regular broadcasting format: “If it ends up as a regular broadcast, we’ll rework some parts to fit the style, and even cast members can be changed.”

Er…sounds like a lot of question marks that perhaps should be worked out prior to filming, no? Though I can see the reason for the rush, considering that the show is looking at premiering in mid-March. Even though there’s no premiere date set yet. Whatever. I guess you could just film a brand-new show totally on the fly and playing everything by ear, why not?

Source: Dramabeans

High Kick 3 to air in the fall

Please note: This article was written by Javabeans of Dramabeans.

It was only a matter of time: With two hit High Kick shows under its belt, production company Chorokbaem Media has decided upon the basic outline for a third series, which for now is just known as High Kick 3.

Already anticipation is pretty high: High Kick 3 boasts a much, much larger budget than either of the others. Season 3 gets 8.7 billion won, which is 2.75 times that of the second season’s 3.16 billion won. Big time money for big time expectations. It’ll also be a wee bit shorter than the other two, and is scheduled for 120 episodes. (Season 1 was 167 episodes, while Season 2 had 126.)

The series to start it all was Unstoppable High Kick back in 2006, which launched multiple careers and was a huge ratings success. (New stars included Jung Il-woo, Park Min-young, Kim Bum, Kim Hye-sung.) The family sitcom veered away from MBC’s previous college campus sitcoms (i.e., the Nonstop series) and centered around a regular multigenerational family with normal issues treated in a light-hearted way. Not groundbreaking stuff dramatically, but pleasant to watch and buoyed by its charming cast members. Season 2 was just as popular, and also effective at shooting its leads to stardom (Shin Se-kyung, Yoon Shi-yoon, Hwang Jung-eum, Daniel Choi).

Casting for Season 3 will be completed in March and April, with plans to hit airwaves by fall. One wonders which up-and-coming actors will get the chance of a lifetime to make a big splash with this show (I do appreciate the producers’ preference for selecting unknowns) — though I wouldn’t be surprised if Grumpy Grandpa Lee Soon-jae were tapped for a third round.

Source: Dramabeans

Da Mouth’s Harry, MC 40, and Sukie Chung Are New Hosts For WQYL

In hope to increase its ratings, SETTV invited Da Mouth’s Harry, MC 40, and Sukie Chung to become new hosts for their entertainment news program, “完全娛樂” (Wan Quan Yu Le / Complete Entertainment). Zax Wang, Jason Hsu, and JR will be bidding farewell to the show on the 30th.

Since the media were more interested in Harry’s relationship with Cheryl Yang, Harry promised, “When hosting ‘WQYL’, I will let go of my singer personality. We have many thoughts on gossips.” He expressed that he would even invite Cheryl on the show, “We are good friends. I know her better than others, so the interview would definitely not be like the typical kind.” MC 40 also assured everyone that he wouldn’t let Harry off the hook so easily if Cheryl really does go on the show. Sukie, on the other hand, said, “Before he even gets to ask her anything, I’ll definitely start first because I want to ask her: ‘how come you have such long legs’.” When the media asked Harry what kind of questions he would ask Cheryl, he joked, “I will ask her…what horoscope she is and ask for her telephone number while I’m at it.”

Source: CpopAcess

No Second Season For Jay Chou’s “Mr. J Channel”

Jay Chou

He may be the golden boy in many areas but hosting is not one of multi-talented Jay Chou’s strongest areas.

The superstar began hosting his own talk show Mr. J Channel three months ago. Despite the buzz surrounding the launch of the show, it failed to drum up support from viewers.

The show finally ended its run after 13 episodes and there would not be a second season.

Each episode of the talk show reportedly cost more than NT$1 million (approximately S$45,000). With the addition of promotional ad spending, the entire production is estimated to have cost more than NT$20 million (approximately S$890,000).

To mark the occasion of Jay’s first hosting gig, broadcasting station CTiTV even designated the programme as one which would first be aired on CTiTV and would later be repeated on CTV. The station also sacrificed long-running variety programme Guess Guess Guess in favour of Mr. J Channel.

Jay invited good friends and showbiz veterans to his talk show for interviews, but even that did nothing to help the ratings.

CTiTV reportedly tried to persuade Jay to stay on, but the singer decided not to, replying that he “had a full schedule”.

Source: MSN