Win a pair of FT Island & CN Blue “Stand Up” Concert

Oh my god, GUESS WHAT?! I’ve got ONE pair of giveaway tickets to the FT Island and CNBLUE “Stand Up” concert hosted by Powerhouselive on March 9th at 8pm!!! So all my dedicated listeners, be sure to tune in NEXT Friday (March 9th, the day of the concert) to win a pair of tickets to FT Island and CNBLUE’s concert!! The number to call in is 949-824-5824. I’ll be expecting your calls! πŸ™‚ For more information about the concert, please go to—LA_40.aspx! Buy your tickets now before it’s too late!


[ON AIR] playlist

Hello everyone! I hope your weekend was eventful!~ I know I said I was going to put up the playlist on Saturday, but like the dummy I am, I forgot to take home the list of songs I played on my show! So last week’s playlist is a bit late, but better late than never right??

Hope you enjoyed last Friday’s show. I put a little bit of old and a little bit of new. I rather enjoyed it. How about you? Let me know! –> OR comment below OR tell me through twitter @itssharonho.

By the way, WHO’S EXCITING FOR THE 10TH ANNUAL KOREAN MUSIC FESTIVAL?!?! CAUSE I AM!!! Who do you want to come?


1. J-Cera – Love City Confession District Happiness Town – Love City
2. Ariel Lin – Prank – Blissful Encounter
3. Epik High – One – Pieces, Part 1
4. G.O.D. – To My Mother – Chapter 1
5. Ai Otsuka – Momo no hanabira (Peach Flower Petals) – Single
6. JJ Lin – Someday – Music Voyager
7. Dong Woo – Painful – Wild Romance OST
8. Yoga Lin – Wake Up – Perfect Life
9. KISS – Because I’m A Girl – Single
10. MBLAQ – This is War – Mini Album Vol. 4
11. Olivia Ong – Kiss Me – A Girl Meets Bossa Nova 2
12. Utada Hikaru – Prisoner of Love – Heart Station
13. Ailee – Heaven – Single

[ON AIR] playlist

Have I mentioned how thankful I am for my listeners? Cause you guys are AWESOME. It makes me happy when I check how many people are listening through KUCI’s website~~ Thank you so much for your support! Tune in next week for more!


1. Wang Lee Hom – Julia – Impossible to Miss You
2. A Pink – My My – Snow Pink (EP)
3. Yui – Green – How Crazy Your Love
4. Davichi – I’ll Think Of You – Single
5. Luo Zhi Xiang – Head Over Heels – Hi, My Sweetheart OST
6. Jimmy Wong – The Edge of Glory – YouTube
7. Rachel Liang – Still Friends – Soul Mate
8. Trouble Maker – Trouble Maker – Trouble Maker (EP)
9. Juju – Hello, Again – Request
10. Quack Wu & Shorty Yuen – Sticky Note With Wishes – Fated To Love You OST
11. 3rd Wave – I Will Be There – I Will Be There
12. Jackie Chan & Kim Hee Sun – Endless Love – The Myth OST
13. Ailee – Heaven – Single

[ON AIR] playlist

Hello everyone! I hope Friday’s show was very informative for those who hope to study abroad in the neat future! If you have any questions, you can stop by at the Study Abroad Center at Student Services II, room 1100, which is across from the Student Center. I want to say thank you to Kim for calling in and talking about study abroad opportunities! You were such a big help!

Hope you enjoyed the show this past Friday~ See you next week! Have a great week! Good luck on midterms!


1. T-ara – Lovey Dovey – Funky Town (EP)
2. Mai Kuraki – Your Best Friend – Over the Rainbow
3. Jasmine Leong – Happy Break Up – Sunrise
4. Clara C – Offbeat – The Art in My Heart
5. Ukulele Picnic – Smile – Penny Pinchers
6. Akanishi Jin – Sun Burns Down


Akanishi Jin’s Japonicana Tour information can be fouond on On March 9th, he will be holding his LA concert at Club Nokia at 7pm! If you’re in the area, be sure to check it out!! Special guest, Joseph Vincent will also be making an appearance! Show your support by making it out to Club Nokia on March 9th. (Also, FT Island and CN Blue’s “Stand Up” concert is held on the same day!)

[ON AIR] playlist

Thank you to all who tuned in to Juiceberry this Friday~ If you have any request, be sure to let me know! Also, any comments are also welcome! Send me an email at or I check both emails regularly. You can also tweet me at @itssharonho! Tune in next week for more Juiceberry on KUCI 88.9 FM in Irvine! Thanks for listening!


1. Teen Top – Crazy – It’s
2. Kim Hyun Joong – Kiss Kiss – Kiss Kiss / Lucky Guy
3. Zhang Dong Liang – When You Are Lonely, Who Will You Think Of – Nicholas
4. Yuya Matsushita – Kimi e no Love Song ~ Juunen Saki Mo
5. FT Island – Bad Woman – Jump Up EP
6. CN Blue – Love Light – Blue Love EP
7. New Heights – Peaches
8. David Tao – Airport in 10:30 –  David Tao
9. Kim Jong Wook– Only You – For A Long Time
10. Fang-I Liu – Stupid Questions – Confessions
11. MC Mong – I Love You Oh Thank You – His Story
12. Victor Kim – Through Thick and Thing – Victor King EP


1) Talented Los Angeles based and Taiwanese born singer/songwriter Fang-I Liu has a release party coming up on February 7th at 8:00pm at The Mint (6010 Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90035). This live performance event is open to all ages, so if you’re in the area, make your way to The Mint! Show your support through twitter, facebook, or by shooting her an email at

2) FTISLAND & CNBLUE “STAND UP” concert is on March 9th at 8:00pm at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live. Buy your tickets now, before they sell out! For more information, check out powerhouselive!

3) Victor Kim, along with A3M and BBoys Annonymous, recently hosted a bone marrow drive on Wednesday, February 1st at UCI. Janet Liang is searching for the perfect marrow match, and one of Chinese descent is the most likely candidate! Help save Janet Liang by testing to see if you are a match! The donor match process is a simple cotton swab kit (no needles); and that’s it! You’re just a cotton swab away from saving a life! For more information, please visit!!!

[ON AIR] playlist

Here’s the playlist for you all! πŸ™‚ Hope you enjoyed the show! Tune in next week for more Juiceberry on KUCI 88.9 FM.


1. Super Junior – Walkin’ – Mr. Simple
2. Genie Chuo – Bu Yao Bu Yao – Office Girls OST
3. Shimizu Shota – You & I – You & I
4. Chester See & Tiffany Alvord – The One That Got Away – YouTube
5. Sweet Sorrow – First Date – Single
6. Mayday – Can’t Let You Be Alone – In Time With You OST
7. HY – A.M. 11:00 – Street Story
8. Just – Anything – Lie To Me OST
9. Joseph Vincent & Clara Choi – Rhythm of Love – YouTube
10. Juju – By Your Side (Soba ni ite) – Juju
11. Taeyang – Wedding Dress – Solar
12. Big Bang – Sunset Glow – Remember

[ON AIR] playlist(s) – 01/13/2012 & 01/20/2012

Here is the playlist for 01/13/2012:


1. Magic Power – Unplanned – Drunken to Love YouΒ  OST
2. Namie Amuro – Love Story – Single
3. Davichi + T-ara – We Were In Love – Single
4. David Choi – By My Side – By My Side
5. Hu Xia – Those Years – You Are The Apple of My Eye
6. Kana Nishino – Tatoe Donna Ni – Single
7. Huh Gak + Le – Everytime That Song Is Turned On – Single
8. IU – You & I – Last Fantasy
9. Kumi Koda – Ai Wo Tomenaide – Single
10. Wang Lee Hom –Still in Love With You – Open Fire
11. AJ Rafael – We Could Happen – Single

Here is the playlist for 01/20/2012:


1. T-ara – Cry Cry – Black Eyes
2. Ayaka – Kimi Ga Irukara – Sing to the Sky
3. Huang Yu Xun – Rainbow Rain – Endless Love OST
4. Miss A – Breathe – Step Up
5. JJ Lin – Never Learn – Lost N Found
6. 2AM – Never Let You Go (Shindemo Hanasanai) – Single
7. M to M – This is Really Goodbye – Lie To Me OST
8. S.H.E. – Love Was Here – Map of Love
9. Megan Lee – In The Future – YouTube
10. Kim Greem – Okay – Fly High
11. Megan Lai – Love’s Courage – Corner With Love
12. U-KISS – 0330 – Bran New Kiss

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